I am unable to recall a day when I was not interested in the great outdoors. I have always preferred to spend my spare time outside, rather than being inside, regardless of the weather. When I was able to keep up with my father on his walks in the woods.  I was the designated flash holder during the film days., We would go hunting for wildflowers in the woods and meadows. So I have spent most of my life watching, observing and photographing things most people would take for granted. There are many wonders and sights in the woods and meadows. There is always something new or interesting that I have been able to discover and photograph.

Although, I have spent a majority of my time photographing landscapes, wildflowers and animals. I have also photographed special events and portraits for friends and families. I am diligent in my endeavor to learn new techniques and methods, in which to improve my photography and create beautiful images.